Actress/writer/improviser/busybody Julia Meltzer interviews real couples about their fights: how, why, whose fault is it, do you still love each other - THE JUICY STUFF. At times hilarious, at times painful, at times full of heartbreakingly raw honesty, these conversations expose truths about love, human beings, and the concept of partnership.
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Jul 27, 2016

A totally improvised, fictitious fight between Taylor and Taylor (performed by Ego Nwodim and Jacob Wysocki of UCB’s Harold Team 8 Babies). Taylor and Taylor’s ongoing disagreement is about whether or not to get married and have kids, given boy Taylor’s really heavy, difficult past (his mom is serving thirty years in a Canadian prison). They do like to joke about girl Taylor murdering boy Taylor if he doesn’t get her pregnant, so don’t be alarmed when you hear that. Their big fight is about when girl Taylor accidentally spent Valentine’s day with a coworker who had a crush on her. You can see Julia, Ego, Jacob and many other hilarious people improvise live at UCB on Harold Night with the team 8 Babies! Check out the schedule here.

Jul 19, 2016

GGG Savage Lovecast fans Shane Lennon and Tiffany Nicole kept it casual for a very long time before making it official. They have a super awesome juicy fight that seems like it came out of an actual movie. It takes place in Mexico - birthdays, drinking, attractive friends, the tantalizing idea of a threesome that may or may not be a joke - this is Hollywood stuff, people! We talk fighting while drinking, tabling a fight, making fun of each other, and what to do when you find your partner’s friend to be a megababe. Julia also really tries to make the drinking game “stack cup” catch on.

Jul 12, 2016

Any FRIENDS fans in the house? This episode starts with us all looking at a dick pic, which has nothing to do with anything. Then we embark on this very special episode where we debate the fight that Ross and Rachel have in the episode “The One The Morning After.” Julia, Aly, and Oscar watch this episode of friends and analyze every aspect of this fight and the dynamics at play in Ross and Rachel’s relationship, which is why this episode is NEARLY TWO HOURS LONG!! Oscar is pro-Ross and Aly is pro-Rachel, and it gets heated!

Jul 4, 2016

Kaitlyn and Andrew have been dating for about four months. We recorded this in Brooklyn, where they both live and work as musicians. Recently she went home with him to Georgia, and they went with Andrew’s family and friends to the Clermont Lounge, which is a strip club but it’s NOT A NORMAL STRIP CLUB. What could go wrong? Pro-tip: their secret is to make up in an airport TGIFriday’s. We also dive into the hot button issue of STAYING FRIENDS WITH AN EX. Plus, we mention Beauty Secrets Human Tears, which I wrote and which you can find at the Hairpin.